Steven E. Alford is a professor of Humanities at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


agr                       = agreement.  There is a subject/verb agreement problem.

awk                      = awkward.  This phrase is awkward, and needs revision.

cap                       = capital.  This word should be capitalized.

dm                        = dangling modifier

evidence              = evidence needs to be supplied to support the claim.

explete                = expletive.  The expletive should be eliminated.

frag                      = sentence fragment.  This is a sentence fragment.

in                          = incoherent. 

lc                          = lower case.  The word should be lower case.

nw                        = not a word.  This is not a word in English.

nom                     = nominalization.  Eliminate the nominalization.

pass                     = passive voice.  Convert this verb to active voice.

ps                         = person shift. 

ref                        = pronoun reference.  There is a pronoun reference problem.

rep                       = repetitive.  You use the same word/phrase too much.

ro                         = run on.  The sentence is run on.

sp                         = spelling.  The word is misspelled

ts                          = tense shift.  The tense has shifted from one verb to the next.

ul                          = underline. This word should be underlined.

wc                        = word choice.  Think about using a better word here.

wdy                      = wordy.  The wordiness of the sentence should be reduced.

ww                       = wrong word.  This word doesn't mean what you think it does.

para                     = paragraph.  The paragraph is poorly organized or developed.

#                           = space.  Insert or delete a space here