Steven E. Alford is a professor of Humanities at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Film Pioneers

Luis Jacques Mande Daguerre (1789-1851)
Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904)
Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904)
Hannibal Goodwin
George Eastman (1854-1932)
Thomas Edison
William Kennedy Laurie Dickson (1860-1935)
Andrew Holland
Auguste and Louis Lumiere (1862-1954; 1864-1948)
Georges Melies (1861-1938)
Edwin S. Porter (1870-1941)



Early Films

Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory (1895), d. Auguste and Louis Lumiere
Arrival of a Train at a Station (1895), d. Auguste and Louis Lumiere
A Trip to the Moon (1902), d. George Mellies
Life of an American Fireman (1902), d. Edwin S. Porter
The Great Train Robbery (1903), d. Edwin S. Porter

Films and Film Excerpts

Peel (1982), d. Jane Campion